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The Worth of God's Love

The worth of Gods love is seen not in his making much of people but in his freeing of people from the bondage of sin to make much of him.

Jesus is the true source of all joy. There is no true joy apart from him. Yet, in this world, the way we are now, people cannot experience that true joy rooted and found in God through Jesus Christ unless the Holy Spirit leads them to repentance of their sin and trust in Him.

Naturally we want to make much of ourselves. Naturally we want others to make much of us. Whether it is in pride, "Wow, look at me, I am so great" or whether it is in self pity, "Woe is me”.

People are naturally inward focused. People need the Holy Spirit to set them free from the bondage to self, so they can set their eyes on the one true source of joy and love. They need to receive all that He is, so they can live in all that He is and praise all that he is. And only a supernatural act of God upon them and in them can do this.

Not supernatural as in the way we we normally think. Not ghost and goblins, nor witches and spells. But super as in above what we normally are. Super, as in it is hard to explain when it happens. As only God could have done that. Super as in like when God said, "let there be light".

To be able to treasure God is a super natural act of God wherein he simultaneously empowers people, by breaking chains and bondages to sin, and gives spiritual insight and new desires in our inward being to who He really is. And this is all able to happen because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross for them.

Therefore, let us pray for sinners that something supernatural would happen with them as we share Gods supernatural word (his gospel), and pray for them with supernatural power (by his Spirit) , and love them with supernatural love (given to us by God).

In other words, let us look to God as our supreme source of joy, the one we look to for our approval, acceptance and worth; the one we worship and treasure. He went to great lengths so that we could find our all and all in him.

Then let us trust that there are others, many others out there, that will come to this saving knowledge of him as well. His word tells us this is the case. Untold multitudes, far and wide. And that it is those who have already been brought to saving faith that have been given the task and empowered for the task of reaching them. We are all in this together. But we also must remember that it is ultimately up to God to give the increase.

It is only our duty and privilege to be faithful. We need not be inventive or come up with a new message or new methods. Gods prescribed means are best. They are the only ones he promises to bless. They are through his word. They are through prayer. And they are through his church.

Yes, adapt methods to culture. But be careful that you get so inventive that the focus gets taken off of God and gets placed more on man. We are not trying to win people to ourselves or to our entertainment or anything like that but to God. We don't want to get in the way one way or another. Either in our making God look bad because of falling into sinful behavior or in overly drawing attention to ourselves.

Let us press on into joy in God, by his grace, by his means and for his glory!!!

“And we are writing these things so that our joy may be complete.” (1 John 1:4)

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