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Treasure Hidden in a Field (Day 4 VBS Lesson)

Whenever we read a parable …. we have to keep in mind one thing …. that usually a parable is only trying to get across one truth …. Every time Jesus tells a parable he is trying to emphasize one big truth … and lots of times when people read a parable they get lost in the weeds because they are looking for hidden meanings in every little word. Yes, in a lot of ways, a parable is like a riddle, kind of like a scavenger hunt clue … it’s an earthly story with a heavenly meaning, trying to point those who can hear and understand to the prize …. And the reason I tell you this is because often when we read this shortest of all parables and get confused …. it actually only consist of one verse … here I will read it … and then we will watch a little movie where we can see it acted out: “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.” (Matthew 13:44) And so the one great big huge truth that this parable is trying to get us to understand is not that the treasure cost anything … because it does say, when he found the treasure hidden in the field …. he went and sold everything he had to go buy that field. No, the gospel is free of charge. No. There is nothing we can do to earn God’s love … there is nothing we can do to make ourselves acceptable to God …. No. God loves us just the way we are. In fact he loves us so much just the way we are that he sent his very own Son to die on the cross for us. But it also tells us there is something so wrong about us … that we are sinners … and the sin that is in us is so wrong … so bad … that it made it so the only way we could be saved is if the Son of God came and died for our sins. And he did. There is nothing we can do to earn it. And there is nothing we did so bad that the cross of Jesus Christ cannot pay for it. So there is no cost…. there is no cost. It is free. Grace is free. That is the meaning of grace. God doing something for us that we do not deserve. And we didn’t deserve God’s son dying for us, but he did. So that is not the meaning of the parable, that it cost anything …. no the meaning of the parable … the one great truth is not that it cost anything …. it is that it is worth more than everything. If you had a scale …. and you put everything you have and everything you will ever have on one side and you put the gospel on the other side … Jesus Christ is worth more than it all. If you took everything in all the world … in fact, everything in all the worlds, and heaped them upon each other …. star and universes and mountains and piled them atop each other on one side of this scale … and put Jesus Christ and his gospel on the other …the gospel would outweigh them all….. let me ask you all a serious question? A very serious question. What good would it do …. if you all had everything you ever wanted. What good would it do, if every time you asked your Mom or your Dad for a toy or for a snack, you got it … what good would it do if you had lots of friends and you were the most popular … what good would it do if you had everything you ever wanted and then one day you went to hell? It wouldn’t do any good would it? No. You see how valuable the gospel is. It gives you eternal life …. eternal forever never ending eternal life with God under his protection and in his joy. This world the way it is now … will not be forever … there is going to be something better for those who know God through his gospel … some day there will be no more sin … no more falling down … no more crying … no more getting sick … some day God is going to make everything perfectly all right again and for those who have trusted in Jesus, we will share in that forever joy in a perfect world with him …. But for those who haven’t trusted in Jesus … for those who haven’t given up trusting in themselves … for those who haven’t given up trusting in their own works … for those who haven’t put all of their faith in Jesus … there isn’t any forever joy awaiting them In fact …. for those who don’t know Jesus … they are still in their sin …meaning they still have to pay for their own sin …. meaning they are on their way going to hell. The treasure of who Jesus is and what he did on the cross to save us is worth than anything else in the whole wide world because what it gives us is worth more than everything in the world. Nothing else compares The gospel is worth giving up all for … it is worth coming to Jesus with empty hands …. it’s worth saying yes to Jesus I accept your free offer to save me … it’s worth saying I am sorry for my sins and I believe that you died on the cross for me …. it is worth doing that … it really is. There is something better than this world that we can’t always see with our eyes …. remember the other day I was talking about faith …. you knew I had something in that box … you couldn’t see it but you knew there was something in there … there is also something bigger going on in this world we can’t see with our eyes - it takes faith. I pray that God would give us eyes to see and ears to hear … That God would give us faith today to trust in his Son.

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