Does God Just Overlook Sin?

If you think God has no problem with sin, look what he did to his only son, on the account of, and because of, and for sin.

Many people say that God in the Old Testament is a God of wrath and justice and God in the New Testament is a God of mercy and grace. And there might be some truth to that. God did things like swallowing up people in the ground and destroying the whole world by a flood in the Old Testament, but if you read the Book of Revelation he doesn't seem to have mellowed out much. Not only that, but mercy and grace is not a new concept either. Why, God did not destroy Adam and Eve after they broke allegiance to Him and trusted the lie of Satan. No. He did not. He was merciful. Even though they denied his kingship, and broke relationship with him, he covered their nakedness and offered them a promise instead.... that one day through their offspring he would crush the head of the serpent who deceived them.

Who is this God that we serve, in whom all of history serves and is telling the story of? Get to know him! One day you will stand before him! He is a God of awesome mercy!! He is a God of awesome grace. He is a God of awesome wrath! And he is 'just'. Don't wait until you stand before him to consider this. The most important thing you could ever do, is think on who this 'offspring' is, and how that has anything to do with you.

Do you know that you are a sinner? Do you know that God is the holy sovereign ruler of the universe and that apart from the salvation found in the promise of this offspring, you deserve God's justice, because you have spurned his rule of law? Apart from the salvation found in this offspring that God promised way back when (the Bible even says before the foundation of the world) you are under Gods righteous, just, and deserved wrath, and everything you do is only storing up more wrath until the day of judgment.

You might want to think on these things and consider such weighty matters before dismissing them with such clichéd remarks. "Oh God is a God of love".... oh really .... well in fact he is.... but you also must consider that in order to be truly and fully loving, you must also hate what is out to destroy what you love most.... so my friends .... God is also a God of justice ..... At the cross .... His love and his justice are most fully on display.

His love for what he loves most (his glory) and for those whom he loves is most fully seen .. and his justice .... His wrath poured out on all that which would wish to destroy what he loves. You either meet and deal with God there or what you love has nothing to do with what God loves and therefore you know nothing of love .... for God is love ... Not only that but if you forsake his love, you also are still in your sins and will be left to pay for them yourself.

God destroyed his only son (the promised offspring) upon the cross so that you might have life. To forsake that is no small thing.

The Bible says in John 3 verse 17, that God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world. Why? And how is that? Because my friends the world is condemned ... that is everyone without Jesus, is condemned already. Everyone in the whole world, and it has been the same for everyone throughout history, unless they hear and respond to the news of who Jesus is and what he has done, is condemned.

Everyone who hears the news and believes will be saved. Everyone who does not will remain under his wrath. You can argue with it all you want. But God has offered a way. He crushed his son, his only son upon a brutal instrument of death - the cross. And so arguments will not work. Only salvation through Gods way, through his son, will (Acts 4:12)

"Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him." (John 3:36)

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