My Rant about Secure Borders

The reality is we live in a different day and age. We need to quit living in the past. Did Anglo-Europeans in a sense come and take the land that is called America illegally? And do horrible things in the past? Yes. But the reality is, so has every other nationality, ethnicity, and people group since almost the beginning of time on earth. That is the awful reality of sin, and how it influences and corrupts people's actions. In some sense it is strange, the European founders of America were fleeing governmental tyranny and religious oppression just to go oppress others. Strange how things work. Not sure if they thought it all through like that or if it was even their intention. But it is true, and it is the way the world works. Now in a lot of ways we have come a long way since then. God can take things that are imperfect and use them for his glory. And in a lot of ways that is what he has done with America. There is a reason that people from all over the world want to come to the states. In some ways it is good and in some ways it is bad. Many people want to come to the States because of the idolatry of materialism and ease, but others want to because it might mean survival for them and their family. But the awful reality of this day and age is their our many whose minds are filled with religious ideology who just want to kill, blow up and hurt people. That is the truth of this day and age, and that is why we need to quit living in the past. Yes, the first immigration laws didn't come about in the U.S until about 1920 and for a wrong reason at that, but now where we are at today - one of the biggest things we need to do is to protect people from the threat of oppression from Islam. Because if it were up to them, they would destroy and enslave and kill everyone in this whole world who is not them. For that reason and that reason alone, I see border laws as a must for where we are now. We must be vigilant in weeding out this evil. And we must band together. Only who we are in Christ can unite us and heal old wounds and hurts. And then we need to go about telling people about Jesus. Teaching people to observe all that he has commanded. And maybe, possibly by Gods grace .... he may even place governmental rulers over us who instead of persecuting us, will protect us. I know it is not needed and I know it is kind of a pipe dream. But possibly. The gospel is the only thing that can change the hearts of those seeking to kill us, it is the only thing that open people's eyes to the horribleness of sin and the horribleness that their false gods are trying to cause them to do. I know right now it is subtle. But what if a whole hoard of people set on destroying all the people of the States (women, children and all) tried to invade. It might be nice to have protection from a military, and from a government to protect us. I know military and government is not first and foremost Gods plan to change the world or save souls eternally and make people into new creatures in Christ. That can't be done by force. False followers of Jesus have tried to do that before. It is not the way. It is not the way Jesus has commanded. But there is nothing wrong with a government acting the way it should be, fulfilling its God-given role. That is protecting against wickedness and oppression so that we would be free to go out into the wickedness of the world and fulfill the great commission. The government's job is not to fulfill the great commission. It is the churches job, and the people of God's job to do that. It the government's job to protect us so we can. Now if all of a sudden all the people in governmental roles became Christian. Well, possibly a big change. But until then. This is all we can ask. And well, maybe this what the distinction is always supposed to be. For this reason, this is why a secure border with a secure solid compassionate government is good. I say compassionate because there is the reality that if we have a border so secure, like a wall or something, that no one can get in unless let in. That it also means, no one can get out unless let out. There have been problems like this in communist countries before. So we pray God gives us a good government! Now, is there a lot of other things that need to happen, like outlawing the killing of unborn children, getting rid of welfare and stop forcing people to have insurance and such? Yes. But to have a secure border does not stop our mission, it only allows us to fulfill it. Now whether it is secure or not, we will as the people of God, keep keeping the main thing the main, regardless. But a secure border doesn't hurt us. And in fact, it may help, especially against the evil intent of those who want to destroy what they call infidels. It is not wrong to protect the oppressed or to protect others from oppression. So again, we need to get our minds out of the past - get over hurts, move on, realize what day and age we live in. Band together as much as it is possible, especially for those of us who name the name of Christ, knowing it is a tricky - not everything is black and white. But hey, let's do the hard work of thinking it all through and then "Go".... fulfill and "DO" .... do your part. Christ will come back some day. But until then, let's by salt and light. Hey, I don't even think we would be disappointed if the whole world somehow became affected by the gospel and started as a whole living in that way. And I also don't think we will be disappointed if we were working towards that end, piercing the darkness with the gospel, and he returned in the midst of the world still being dark, to make all things right. No matter what we think the government is not our hope. Jesus is. But if there is a government, it would be awesome if it stuck to the job of the government. That is not giving free money, or free health care or to make all kinds of laws and tax us to death. But to protect from evil from within (criminals, terrorist) and evil from without (criminals, terrorist, and invading armies) so that we can do our job, of laying down our lives for the sake of the gospel and the great commission.

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