Never do evil that good may come!

We have been doing the same old same for so long ... that this is where we are now. We have been doing the lesser of two evils for a long time and this is what we got... Yes ... it is what the country also as whole, deserves. "When God wants to judge a nation he gives them wicked rulers" And judgement is where we are at. It's not going to be stopped or averted at least not easily.

I have heard it said that Trump represents everything wrong with our culture, and Clinton represents everything wrong with our government … We are getting what we deserve. Either one will plunge this country into more of an immoral decay one way or another.

So judgement is coming, no matter what.

And maybe it is good that judgment is coming. Maybe it will cause people to turn, maybe it will not. But I believe judgment is the only thing that might cause people to repent. It’s good for people to feel the weight of their actions.

I am not afraid of God’s judgment upon the reprobate … like I said, it just might be for their good… as for me I am promised nothing will ever separate me from him

So my concern is not necessarily that. God’s got this. My kingdom and citizenship is not of the this world anyway. I am just a pilgrim passing through

My concern is the continued selling out of the church on the altar of political expediency and pragmatism.

Yes, we are told to be good citizens and even submit to godless governmental leaders (Romans 13) but we are never urged to vote for them or support them. If there are godly political candidates, we can support them, or we can even be one, but if not, our allegiance is not to this world anyway.

The time is here when we have to figure out if is worthy to suffer for his name (Jesus). And it is. He is better than anything we have to give up to follow him and far surpasses anything we might have to go through.

The early disciples counted it worthy to suffer for the sake of his name… (Acts 5:41) And they turned the world upside …. I am not so sure if they would have turned the world upside down the way they did if they would have settled for pragmatic political and social reasoning

I say lets just try to be faithful and let God sort out the pieces. If there is going to be change towards a more godly and moral society, it is going to be slow and hard, filled with possibly much suffering. I am most likely going to vote for the American Party candidate or the Constitution Party candidate. I am not sure yet. It’s really not the point. Yet, if things are just going to get worse and worse no matter what, and then Jesus will return… I have to ask myself … how do I want him to find me … where should most of my effort and hope be being placed… As for me I don’t think politics is the answer… I think the gospel is…

People have tried to stop gospel preaching before… all those kingdoms are collapsed … and no government in the future will ever be able to stop the gospel… Do I hope for evil that good may abound? No. Do I hope for persecution and the losing of Christian values in this country, knowing that throughout history, Christianity has thrived under pressure, and that it would be good for clear lines to be drawn, and for true Christians to have to make a stand and possibly even face tough consequences for their beliefs? No. I do not hope for that. I do not hope for persecution at all. But I do not think we should run from it either.

In fact, in a lot of ways, cultural Christianity has been the demise of Christianity. Just going along to get along. Persecution isn't to blame for stomping our Christianity here. Ease, comfort, and materialism has been. Some shaking up might just be what we need.

But I don’t hope for it. Persecution is evil. We don't hope for bad that good may come about. But God in his forbearance has done many a such things in the past, and may do such again.

And, that also means, we don't hope for good through wicked means. Meaning that, human flourishing and all that entails is good. Whether it be religious and personal liberty, personal and national security, personal and financial prosperity, and all of the other things wrapped up in pursuing happiness and flourishing as humans. But we do not pursue these at all cost.

What good would it do to gain the whole world and lose your soul? Maybe the test is, if we are willing to compromise now, because we are trying to avert the trouble that may come, what happens when faced with the decision to deny Christ or else? In fact, maybe that is the choice we are being faced with now.

If God really is in control, then all we need to do is be faithful. We do not need to worry or to fret. We just need to trust him. And the best way to show we are trusting him is not by trying to bring about whatever we think is best by whatever means necessary. No. The best way to show we are being faithful is to let God bring about his intended end, the whole time doing our best to live and think and act the way God has told us to in his word. Doing Gods will is never at odds with what he has revealed to us in his word.

It is not our job to bring about what God has ordained. God will bring about what he has ordained no matter what. It is our job to faithful.

Gods word tells us to submit to godless wicked rulers, (as long as they do not tell us to disobey God), but Gods word never tells us to support them.

Never do evil that good may abound. "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." (Romans 12:21) Our kingdom is not of this world. We are just a passing through. Act like it. Think like it. Be faithful to it. Christian, this is the air we breathe: “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him" (1 Corinthians ­2:9)

Are you ready to count everything as loss for the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord?

Are you ready to forget what lies behind and to strain forward to what lies ahead. To press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus? Are you ready? I mean, I know you are ready for him to come back today, but what if he tarries? Are you ready to be faithful at all cost? Are you ready to set your pragmatism aside and follow Jesus at all cost? Let those of us who are mature learn to think this way. Christianity is at the point where it might start costing us something. And this is not a bad thing. We just might have to stand for Christ like we think he is worth it.

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