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Hard Decisions, The Glory of God, Family and the Joy of all Peoples

As a family we have faced some hard decisions lately. My family and I have stepped into the world of being missionaries in a rural area of Guatemala for the last few years. We love it there. We also have a special needs daughter whose name is Sophia, she has a disease called Tuberous Sclerosis. One of the things it does is cause seizures. She has had them since she has been about 6 months old. She is six now. Up until a couple months ago, she only had about 1-2 seizures a day. For a while right before we got on a plane to come back she was having about 20-30 a day or maybe more. Sometimes the more we learn about seizure, the more it seems like maybe their are times were she is just having them non stop. To people that do not know anything about seizures, which was us before we adopted a girl that has them, a seizure is some big huge grand mall thing. This we have learned is not the case. And in fact some of the most dangerous seizures are ones that are barely noticeable. So, though it was a really hard decision to make and it broke our heart to leave again, it breaks our heart much more to see our daughter's body twist and flail like this. Some days she sleeps until 2 or 3 in the afternoon because every time she wakes up she has another seizure. She is so exhausted after each one she needs to sleep. The other day she had ten seizures before she got out of bed. It was not an emotionally easy decision, but it really was a no brainer. We know we have to do what's best for Sophia and we are going to exhaust every resource until we get it figured out. We know the call to be a missionary in our lives is real, but God also gave us Sophie. We trust that he will lead us and guide us down whatever road we must travel to both take care of our precious daughter and yet serve HIM faithfully. Please keeps us in your prayers. As always we desire to live each day before the face of God! Update: So she is having a week long EEG done right now to track and observe the seizures. In a lot of ways it is just a formality for us because we already know what we want done. We want her put in the clinical research trials here they are doing with CBD oil but they will not do that until they are done with this observation/EEG period. Update: Our nephew Joe died. He was 22 yrs old and died of a sudden aneurysm. We were very close to him and love him dearly. Words fail. He died the very first day that Sophie was in the hospital. I had to take her out so that I could go to the funeral and be with family during this time. It was a very emotionally heart wrenching. Our nephew Joe struggled with a lot of things but he knew in whom he believed. Thankful for the imputed righteousness of Christ. Because of Christ and faith in Him, there is hope not found in ourselves. Sophie was supposed to be in the hospital for a week to be observed and have her brain and seizure activity traced. But since I took her out early we had to reschedule. The soonest we could reschedule for was a month away. So we went on a 3 week long travel around the country seeing the diverse natural beauty of the United States. We went on the trip partly because we always wanted to and partly to get our mind off things. We saw many beautiful God glorifying things, like the Carlsbad Caverns, The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, The Deserts, The Forrest and we did it all by camping except a few stops to take showers and visit friends. Some of the most exciting times was camping in the mountains. Seeing signs posted to be aware of grizzly bears. She slept with a can of hair spray in her hands. It was a bear repellant. So it was very inexpensive but fun. The most expensive thing was the gas. Update: So we got Sophie back in for her testing. She is on a new medication. Her seizure have not gotten any better. Her Doctor, Dr. Frost who is one of the leading researchers for her disease and also an expert in epilepsy has her set to start in his clinical trial using CBD come August 1st. Yay! We are pretty excited and hopeful. We are also moving to Minneapolis next week on July 1st. We are having another garage sale this week. Getting rid of more stuff. Becoming minimalist for the glory of God is really freeing. We found an apartment. We have to be close to her doctor. During the clinical trial she has to come in a few days a week. I also have been accepted at Bethlehem College & Seminary for their Degree Completion Program. I figure might as well take some schooling since we are going to be here anyway. I have also been talking to Reaching and Teaching. We are hopeful to join with them. We think it will be much more effective and healthy to be part of an agency. Lord willing we will be going to an orientation with them next month. It will probably be a while before we are sent out, with Sophie and school and all. But we are trying to stay focused. Our goal is still Gods mission and His mission has still not changed. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (‭Matthew‬ ‭28‬:‭19-20‬) Have a great day. Look to Christ for all things. He will see you through. Live your life to glorify Him. Not only is he worth it but it is for your good and for your joy. Nothing else will bring you as much satisfaction and everything else you will have regretted a thousand years from now spending your life on. Live your life with no regrets. Live it for Christ!


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