Transitions - Praying for Guidance & Longing to be Faithful


I hope this blog finds you all doing well. Our family has been facing some challenges, as far as, which direction to go with our present and future service to Christ. We have felt that it is best for us to not be doing missions on our own. We need a group of people, who understand and have a passion for missions, to be speaking into our lives with spiritual advice, prayer, and accountability. We have had questions that we don’t know the answers for. We have had to make decisions and would have liked to have people that know us, our desires and needs as well as God’s desires and plans for us and His church talking with us.

We had decided to return to the States for the month of November to visit family, work and make some more permanent arrangements with our house. We bought the plane tickets and began talking about the amount of time we would stay or be able to stay here in Comitancillo. After much prayer and discussion and facing a few difficult situations we decided not to return at the end of November. We have had a very difficult time getting the medications we need for our daughter’s epilepsy. We did a very small amount of research before we moved here to see if we would be able to get her meds. It seemed to us that we would be able to just buy them at any pharmacy. That has not been the case. We have tried to ship them here from the States and have different Missions teams bring them but that is not working. There is a span of three or four months in the future without any teams coming and the mail is very inconsistent here.

So we have made a big decision to return to the States. We do not want to quit doing missions or ministry. We have talked and prayed so much over the last few months about how to move forward. We have contacted a few different missions organizations and spoken to a variety of people and have made a decision. We have rented an apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have signed up to join the Nurture Program through Bethlehem Baptist Church.

We have hopes of returning to continue our work here in Comitancillo but we are very open to other possibilities as well. We want to be pliable in the hands of God. We have studied the Word of God and believe that every ministry should be done out of and through a local Church. Seeing that truth throughout the Scripture, we feel we should be under the authority of a Church but more specifically Godly people with knowledge and experience in dealing with cross-cultural missions.

I have been teaching English class at CFC school and next week is my final class. The school year ends here in October. Last week was my birthday (I’m now 25….lol) and many of the school kids came to my house and had a party for me. They told me how much they enjoyed our family and their English classes.

Tyler’s last class at FTEI was yesterday. He brought a cake to celebrate their graduation. Each of his students stood and spoke to him about how thankful they were for his teachings through the book of Galatians. One of his students said that for the first time in his life he realized that Christ’s death on the cross completely fulfilled the whole law. One of the professors at FTEI invited Tyler to give his testimony at their church in Xela.

Another difficulty for Tyler is that he and two other pastors have been rotating services while preaching through the book of Romans and they are only on Chapter four. Since he was the one who implemented the style of teaching verse by verse, in this church, it is hard to leave before the book has been completed.

I also teach English to four students on Wednesdays. Two of them have invited our family to attend their Church this coming up Sunday. They will be doing the music and plan to give us a greeting before their whole church in English.

We also support six children who now receive an education and a guarantee of two meals each day. We help support two local Pastors who have been very active in serving Christ, building up His Church, and strengthening families.

Please keep our family in your prayers. This has been a very difficult decision as we have made many friends and feel we have served God well here, so moving is very emotional and heart wrenching.



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