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Have We Lost Our Focus

Focus, Focus, Focus. Slap yourself upside the head if you have to but whatever you do. FOCUS. I fear more and more churches and christians are losing focus and straying from the central message and mission of christianity and that is, 'the gospel'. We substitute the message with various ideals, often under the cloak that we are fighting for what is right and good. Don't get me wrong, every issue out there is good and worthy to fight for and needs to be redeemed but if it is fought and won by any other means than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing was won. There is no rest to be found in politics, sports, hobbies, careers, relationships or anything else. There is rest to be found in Jesus, though. While we are so busy fighting for political things, economic things and social things - we are not resting in Jesus. Anything that keeps us from resting in and focusing on and proclaiming Jesus is not good. Conservatives will say, "you are so liberal..." and Liberals will think, "you are so conservative...". Much has distracted us from the central mission and message of the Church. Oh, it is easy for us to say and it sure makes a catchy slogan. "we are all about Jesus...", but are we? Often - doesn't it seem like we have a different compartments for everything. We have a different compartment for work, a different compartment for school, a different compartment for our social life. And what happens because we are so used to this different compartment way of doing things is we get different compartments for all the hot bed issues as well without even realizing it. And were like, "yeah - I know the gospel says this but..." It is Jesus + Nothing = Everything. Plain and simple. That is the one compartment that we need to put everything into. The gospel is for all of life and whenever we think about any situation, we need to think about the implications and ramifications of the gospel for that situation, think it through. Christians by our very nature should be gospel people, not law people. We have not put our hope in the law. We don't go around telling people if they lived right that all would be better. That is not our hope. That is not the message of salvation. Yes. The law is good because it comes from God but the main goal of the law is to show people that they need a savior and without the savior freeing one from the weight and condemnation of sin - sin will keep ruling over every thought. Yet, we know that freedom will never be perfect this side of the New Heavens and New Earth. So we persevere through the sludge of this world with eternity in mind, bringing the light of Jesus, bringing the hope of salvation. Our mission is not to win political battles, or economic battles or social battles. Our mission is that people would come to know Jesus on every side of every issue. Church - let's not forget this. Let's not get sidetracked. It is so easy to do, there is so many issues vying for our attention. And we need to heed them just enough to know how the gospel of Jesus Christ will fit into any given situation. That's it. Christian we need to be gospel centered people. It's all we got. It's like our one cause. It is our one campaign and our one slogan. Let's press on with it and keep our eyes on the prize. Jesus Christ and Him crucified. All things must flow in, flow through and revolve around that. It is our filter and our lens by which we should see all things. I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:14) For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. (1 Corinthians 2:2)

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